Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not this lazy

My dad came over today to help me out with some home repairs - we are getting ready to paint the house so some prep work needs to be finished.

We were working outside the back window so Piepie took the opportunity to growl and bark at my dad from the window like a maniac.  Piepie was abused in the past, so he has issues with men (although by now, he should know my dad).  When I first met Pei-yin, I never thought that Piepie and I would be friends.  Now that he has warmed up to me, he may be more attached to me than Rudie.

In order to get him more familiar with my dad, we took a walk when we were done.   I had my dad take Piepie's leash so that he could see my dad is not a threat.  We try to take the dogs for a walk everyday.  Piepie would go for hours long walks while Rudie is happy with a trip through the neighborhood.  There are days when neither of us really feel like walking them but then we remember that the dogs need their walks and we should not be lazy.  Even on our laziest days, I have never thought of using this method to walk the dog - yes, he used his car.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walk for the animals

We did the Broward Humane Society's Walk for the Animals today.  

I was a little nervous beforehand.  Usually when Piepie and Rudie see another dog, they bark and act like idiots.  Today there were going to be lots and lots of dogs.  Little dogs.  Big dogs. Even some punk dogs:

We did the walk last year and I don't remember any incidents.  However, my thinking was at that time Piepie and Rudie hadn't formed their pack yet, so I was expecting the worst.  This morning, the two of them again surprised me.  They behaved like good dogs and not like obedience school dropouts. 

It's funny because they have almost switched personalities.  When Piepie and Rudie first met, Rudie wanted to greet every dog.  At the dog park, whenever a new dog came into the park, she would run over to the gate to say hello.  On the other hand, Piepie would stay to himself and normally not interact with the other dogs.  Today, Piepie was the ones greeting and trying to make friends.  I think his goal was to sniff the butt of every dog that passed him. 

Rudie was much more content just to stay behind Pei-yin.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's hope our pets don't get lost

I am not a cat person.  I wouldn't have a cat if it wasn't for Pei-yin.  But now we get along and I wouldn't want anything to happen to her.  After Kiki moved in, I didn't want her to go into the yard until we got a collar and an i.d. tag.  My concern was that she would get out of the yard and not be able to find her way back.  After seeing her performance on the neighbor's fence, I was proven correct.  All of the animals are microchipped but in my opinion nothing beats the ordinary nametag if one of them ever gets loose.

Since we live in Broward County, I guess we have another reason to make sure they always have their tags on when they go in the yard.  As you can see in this article, Broward County Animal Control is continuing to do a superior job.,0,2902088.story


Had to spend more today on the gang

Heartworm (6 month supply for the 2 dogs) $73.90 
Month to Date                                            $85.88
Year to Date                                              $85.88

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Rudie is not a fan of mornings.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Good Night's Sleep

I have had few full night's sleep since our family has come together.  It's because we have two different schedules.  I go to work early and have to get up around 5:15 a.m.  She doesn't work.  So she spends her days sleeping.  Then it comes nighttime and she get bored.  She doesn't just come and wake me.  No, instead she makes enough noise to disturb me from my sleep.  Not only am I woken but the dogs get up when I get up (but they don't have to go to work in the morning either).  Oh yeah, she's also on a diet.  But she cheats at night.  After waking me once, she thumps around and wakes me again.  After a restless night, the morning comes too quickly.  I have a full workday ahead of me while she takes a nap in my sock drawer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hero Dogs, Working Dogs, My Dogs

On our flight back from Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago there was a hearing assistant dog on the plane.  The whole flight neither of us knew a dog was even on the plane.  You always hear about dogs like that or ones that do heroic things or just in general have a job?  We weren't lucky enough to adopt a dog like that.  Instead we get wrestlemania:

One thing I am going to try to see with this blog is how much of a financial cost these 2 (+ the cat) are:

Today's purchases 
Pupperoni            $ 9.99
Milkbones            $ 2.99
Month to date      $11.98
Year to date         $11.98

Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 bad dogs

This is Rudie:


She had a fairly normal dog life for the first 2 years I owned her.  She had her toys, a yard, and a pretty good life.  She like other dogs and I had thought on times of getting her a companion.  But when I finally thought about it, I always decided that the costs, time, and double work would be too much.  Especially since I spoiled Rudie a little bit and she was/is kind of a brat.  So it was just her and I.

Then I met Pei-yin.  However, not only was there Pei-yin, there was Piepie.  After about a month of dating, we decided it was time for Piepie and Rudie to meet.  The first meeting didn't start out the greatest (Rudie demanded Piepie play with her.  Piepie hid under the table at the bookstore) but by the end of the day, Piepie gave in and was wrestling with Rudie.

Now a year later, Pei-yin and I are married and Rudie and Piepie are best friends.  They wrestle & eat & poop (although not always where they're should) & terrorize squirrels in the yard.  I now get to serve as referee & waiter & housekeeper & doorman.  It's not a bad life for any of us.  Except for maybe Kiki - by the way Pei-yin also has a cat.